Episode 13 - Suburban Wildlife - Director / Co-writer - Imogen McCluskey

In Episode 13 of The Stories Through The Camera podcast Chris chats with the very talented Writer, Director and Producer Imogen McCluskey who's feature film debut Suburban Wildlife premiered at the Sydney Film Festival in 2019.

Suburban Wildlife is a film about a close knit group of university graduates who are at a crossroads in their lives and throughout the film they are forced to face themselves and wrestle with some harsh truths in order to find their way forward.

In this episode Imogen chats about how she was able to shoot the film for just $4,000 during her summer break at film school, the importance of having  a collaborative relationship with her cinematographer and how she was able to create believable, lived in performances with her actors. 

To find out more info about the film visit: www.suburbanwildlifefilm.com


Episode 12 - Reaching Distance - Director - David Fairhurst

In Episode 12 of the Stories Through the Camera Podcast, Chris chats to the the very talented writer and director David Fairhurst about his feature film debut Reaching Distance

Reaching Distance is a film about a guy with a photographic memory who follows his sister's killer onto a night-rider bus. During this journey the line between the past and present begins to blur as he realises he has a complex past with more than than just the one passenger on the bus. 

In this episode David and Chris chat about why he decided to set his first feature film on a Bus, how he sought to get the film financed in innovative ways, why independent filmmakers should allocate a significant portion of their budget on getting a high quality poster and trailer made and why David used the sound design of a crowd of penguins in the offical trailer.

If you’d like to watch he film you can go to http://reachingdistance.com and facebook.com/reachingdistance/ to check out screening and festival dates.

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Episode 11 - Frisky - Director & Actor - Claudia Pickering

In Episode 11 of The Stories Through The Camera podcast Chris chats with the multi talented writer, director, actor, producer and film festival organiser Claudia Pickering. 

In this episode Claudia discusses how she got two indie feature films made whilst living in the USA, how she got legendary actor Danny Trejo to be in a music video with her and how she financed her second feature film with the prize money from a 6 second vine video. 

Check out what Claudia is up to by following her on social media and by checking out her website at http://www.pickclaud.com/#reel

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Episode 10 - That's Not Me - Filmmakers - Alice Foulcher & Gregory Erdstein


In Episode 10 of the Stories Through The Camera podcast Chris chats with Alice Foulcher and Gregory Erdstein, the filmmakers behind the very successful independent comedy  “That’s Not Me”.

In this episode Alice and Gregory chat about how they made this ambitious film on a budget of just $60,000, how a mural of Matthew Mconaughey was later put into the film and how spending a year in Paris helped their writing process. 

That’s not me has been screened at MIIF, Sydney Film Festival and Rain Dance. The film is now available on iTunes and at JB Hi-Fi

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Episode 9 - As Worlds Divide - Documentary Filmmaker - Rob Henry

Episode 9 of The Stories Through The Camera podcast Chris sits down to chat with filmmaker Rob Henry who spent the better part of 8 years living with the Mentawai people, an indigenous culture located on a tropical island off main land Indonesia. 

The film is called "As Worlds Divide" and you can go and buy it right now at  www.watchafilmsaveaculture.com for only $10.00. All the proceeds of the film are going to support the Mentawai people who are slowly loosing their culture and are being impoverished due to the pressures of globalisation and the tearing down of the rainforests. 

In this episode we chat about why Rob left his job in Melbourne to go in search for a more sustainable way of life, how Rob learnt to live off the land and what he has learnt throughout this whole journey.

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Episode 8 - Forgotten Man - Writer & Director - Arran Shearing


In episode 8 of The Stories Through The Camera Podcast Chris sits down with Arran Shearing the Writer & Director of the independent feature film Forgotten Man.

Forgotten Man is a story of a young actor in an East London theatre company for the homeless who romances a wealthy out-of-towner in the bustling streets of contemporary London.

The film recently won best picture at the Sydney independent film festival and is currently doing the international film festival circuit. 

In this episode Chris and Arran discuss Arran’s writing process, why Arran decided to shoot the film in black and white and how Arran did his best to avoid getting in a photo with Rupert Murdoch. 

To check out this episodes show notes and to watch the trailer go to www.storiesthroughthecamera.com and to find out more about the film and request a screener check out the films website at https://www.forgottenmanfilm.com

Episode 7 - Starting From Now - Director - Julie Kalceff


In episode 7 of the Stories Through The Camera podcast Chris sits down with Julie Kalceff the writer, director and producer of the hit online series - Starting From Now

Julie had a lot of success with this series and found a huge online audience who really resonated with the storylines and subject matter that this series covers. This is a great episode for anyone who is interested in making independent content and leveraging the power of a global online audience. 

If you're interested in checking out Starting From Now you can watch all 5 seasons on YouTube and the trailer is linked up in the episode show notes at:


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Episode 6 - Dead Hands Dig Deep - Documentary Filmmakers - Jai Love and Parish Malfitano

In the sixth episode of the Stories Through The Camera podcast, Chris chats with Jai Love and Parish Malfitano, two of the filmmakers behind the haunting documentary feature film “Dead Hands Dig Deep” which documents the dark past of shock rock musician Edwin Borsheim. 

In this episode we discuss the inspirations of Werner Herzog, the directorial decisions Jai was making whilst on set and how Jai would have died in order to get the film made. 

Support Jai’s next project by donating to his Pozzible campaign at:



Episode 5 - Waltzing Tilda - Filmmakers - Jonathan Wilhelmsson, Raquel Linde & Holly Fraser

In Episode 5 of The Stories Through The Camera podcast, Chris sits down with the filmmakers behind the incredibly ambitious post apocalyptic short film “Waltzing Tilda”.

In this episode we discuss how to pull off complex visual effects sequences on a film school budget, the challenges of acting with a pet rabbit as your co-star and why many Australian filmmakers avoid making their films look “Australian”.

Episode 4 - Director of Drown - Dean Francis

In the fourth episode of the Stories Through The Camera Podcast Chris sits down with Dean Francis; the Director, Cinematographer, Producer and Co-Writer of Australian independent feature film, Drown.

In this episode we discuss: how Dean’s experience directing his first feature film influenced the approach to his second film, what makes a Dean Francis film, the influences of German filmmaker Werner Herzog, as well as how making a movie can be therapeutic.  

Episode 2: Director and Cinematographer of Wyrmwood - Kiah Roache Turner and Tim Nagle

In the second episode of the Stories Through The Camera Podcast, Chris sits down with Kiah Roache Turner and Tim Nagle, the Director and Cinematographer behind Aussie zombie flick Wyrmwood.

In this episode Kiah and Tim discuss some of the challenges they faced during their four year production process, including: using Indiegogo to help finance the film, how they pulled off some hectic stunts on a such a low budget, how they found a distributor as well as what they're working on next.

Check them out at here

Episode 1: Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes - Directors of feature film "For Now"


In the very first episode of the Stories Through The Camera Podcast,  Chris interviews Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes - the two directors of a new independent feature film called “For Now”.

Hannah and Kane discuss their inspirations, how they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, how they shot almost the entirety of their film within just 7 days as well as how playing themselves influenced the type of film they made.