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Episode 13 - Suburban Wildlife - Director / Co-writer - Imogen McCluskey

In Episode 13 of The Stories Through The Camera podcast Chris chats with the very talented Writer, Director and Producer Imogen McCluskey who's feature film debut Suburban Wildlife premiered at the Sydney Film Festival in 2019.

Suburban Wildlife is a film about a close knit group of university graduates who are at a crossroads in their lives and throughout the film they are forced to face themselves and wrestle with some harsh truths in order to find their way forward.

In this episode Imogen chats about how she was able to shoot the film for just $4,000 during her summer break at film school, the importance of having  a collaborative relationship with her cinematographer and how she was able to create believable, lived in performances with her actors. 

To find out more info about the film visit: www.suburbanwildlifefilm.com


Episode 12 - Reaching Distance - Director - David Fairhurst

In Episode 12 of the Stories Through the Camera Podcast, Chris chats to the the very talented writer and director David Fairhurst about his feature film debut Reaching Distance

Reaching Distance is a film about a guy with a photographic memory who follows his sister's killer onto a night-rider bus. During this journey the line between the past and present begins to blur as he realises he has a complex past with more than than just the one passenger on the bus. 

In this episode David and Chris chat about why he decided to set his first feature film on a Bus, how he sought to get the film financed in innovative ways, why independent filmmakers should allocate a significant portion of their budget on getting a high quality poster and trailer made and why David used the sound design of a crowd of penguins in the offical trailer.

If you’d like to watch he film you can go to http://reachingdistance.com and facebook.com/reachingdistance/ to check out screening and festival dates.

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